Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I got a comment on my last post “ Are we promoting Novica? Or Makindu? http://makindu.org/? it's not clear from your post whom we're supposed to blog/tweet about.”

And I as I often say to my husband, “What? You can’t read my mind? Ughhh.”

So apologies. I would like for you to promote Makindu. You can do so by tweeting, linking to this post, linking to the national geographic article, blogging, facebooking, digging, buzzing…. I don’t care, just spread the word and make it big.

Also I realized I did not put an end date. I am letting the contest go until noon 8/23. I will announce a winner after that.

Thanks all!!

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Page H. said...

ah! thank you for the clarification! I tweeted about Makindu http://twitter.com/pagalina